HuntStand now allows you to create trail camera markers, add photos to those trail cameras, tag photos and easily aggregate time, weather, and atmospheric data from those photos for free. In addition to this, HuntStand Pro users will get the following benefits:
HuntStand App Screenshot

Manage Trail Cameras and Trail Camera Photos

Upload images into our ecosystem so that you can organize them by camera location. Manage multiple cameras and camera placements.

Tag and view specific game so that you can organize them by camera location and learn their travel patterns based on our range of filter variables, including time of sighting, date, animal type, weather, wind speed, and temperature.

Exclusive to HuntStand Pro users: utilize a Heat Map that allows you to view trail camera activity by location.

HuntStand automatically tags photos and fetches weather and solunar data based on the time the photo was taken

Use photo data to create strategic insights

Sync your photos to the HuntStand mobile app and view your pictures on the go.