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Private Land Coverage for the United States and Canada

HuntStand offers property boundaries and property ownership info for 99% of the US, and property boundaries for much of Canada. Tap below to view our coverage map.

Public Land Coverage for the Entire U.S.

HuntStand combines data from federal, state, and local sources to provide the most comprehensive public lands data.

Hunting Land Coverage for 46 States

HuntStand combines over 400 data sources from state and local agencies. Expanded coverage coming soon to Illinois, Arizona, Hawaii, and New Hampshire.

Zoom out to explore new regional hunting opportunities
Zoom in to view detailed contour lines, hydrography, and satellite imagery
High detail maps of hunting areas
Vibrant colors help distinguish land type boundaries at a glance
Detailed zone maps show regulatory boundaries
Plan access with forest, logging, and unimproved roads
Plan your next hunt using HuntStand's incredible maps package