HuntStand App Screenshot

HuntStand offers our users a holistic stand and blind management system that will make group Hunt Area management more simple and streamlined, while also enhancing the safety of our users.

Now, from anywhere, HuntStand users can search for available stands/blinds on their group Hunt Area by date and time. Then, if the stand is available, the user can reserve it under their name. That reservation will then be visible to all other members of that Hunt Area.

Streamline the entire reservation process by providing a virtual "sign-in board"

Always know which stands are available and occupied, and who is where on the property at specific times

Search for available stands on a property, or reserve a specific stand

Start Using Stand Reservations Today by Upgrading to HuntStand Pro

Group Hunt Areas

For Pro users you can use the stand management system by converting a personal hunt area to a group hunt area and inviting friends to join.

Convert a hunt area to a group hunt area by tapping on the settings icon cog for a hunt area and change the hunt area from "personal" to "group."

Sharing Hunt Areas

Share a hunt area by tapping on the "share" icon share in the hunt areas dropdown, or on the main navigation screen footer. More on Sharing

Sharing Permissions

Set permissions for each user in your hunt area.